Admin Portal Training to Make the Most of Your Business Phone System

Business Phone System: Customer taking Admin Portal TrainingLive One-Hour Sessions Every Weekday: 10:00, 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00 ET.

Every day, new customers make the switch to the powerful Vonage Business Solutions business phone system. And even before their system is activated, customer teams are invited to attend a live one-hour Administrator Portal training session – conveniently offered four times a day, every weekday at 10:00, 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00 ET.

You may join the training just prior any scheduled session (no registration is required). View instructions and password to join a session.

Why Admin Portal Training?

This training is designed to help customers use their Vonage business VoIP phone system to its full potential. The Admin Portal is essentially the command center of the system, where select administrators can manage the company’s entire phone system and assign users. The one-hour training session is highly recommended, since successful administration enables easy access and fluent use of the system’s leading-edge business features.

Who on Your Team Should Attend?

We recommend each company designate both an “Account Administrator” and a “Super User” to be responsible for Admin Portal-related activities. The Administrator might be considered the quarterback of the system – the person authorized to assign phone system users, enable admin settings, and serve company users as an advocate resource.

The Super User also has access to the Admin Portal and is often a useful ally and collaborator with the Administrator. Depending on the organization, the Super User may be the business owner, the IT director or the office manager.

One or both of these designated people should attend Admin Portal Training. It is also quite common for several people within a company to assemble and participate in the online training together. We find that the more involved the customer team is with training, the more likely they are to leverage the phone system’s many powerful features.

What Will You Learn?

Sessions are led by knowledgeable Customer Care Specialists who move through the basics of administration and provide a practical demonstration of the Admin Portal’s full capabilities:

When Should You Schedule Your Admin Portal Training?

Most often, new customers attend the training just prior to activating their account. Others will attend on the day of activation, and still others will join the training in the first days of activation. The live training sessions are frequent – four times a day every weekday – so customers find it beneficial to attend more than once.

Ready to Attend a Session Soon?

This is our fourth year offering live Admin Portal training, and it continues to be an essential introduction to our industry-leading business VoIP phone system. Attendees quickly realize that they now have much more than a new phone system – particularly when they discover the rich features that can help them better run their business.

You may join the training just prior any scheduled session (no registration is required). View instructions and password to join a session.

About Michelle Beeken

As a Customer Care Manager at Vonage Business Solutions, passionately supporting small business customers on a daily basis is at the top of Michelle’s priority list. She has been with the company nearly four years, having supported her customers through multiple roles. In her current position within Customer Care, she is responsible for leading her team of employees who support small business customers via phone, email and web-initiated contacts. Due to the positive, energetic and enthusiastic culture she has created, her team continually provides best-in-class customer service.