Jennifer Travieso is the president of Insurance Law Advocates. Her legal firm represents policy holders in claims against insurance companies. Their law office has four employees and has been in business for the last three and half years. As the president, she manages the law practice on a daily basis.

Business Phone System Challenges:

Insurance Law Advocates were formerly using Nextiva as their business phone solution. Although they enjoyed the cost savings of business VoIP, they were disappointed in their service provider. “I was not happy with Nextiva’s customer support and their constant issues,” says Travieso. Business VoIP is a very cost effective business phone system, but quality of service is just as important as price. Not all business VoIP companies are built alike, and Travieso decided that it was time to make a switch. Her main concern was the transition period from the old system to the new.


Jennifer Travieso chose Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity) because it offered flat unlimited rates and had a reputation for reliability. She was also drawn the toll-free number for a flat rate each month. Vonage Business Solutions stands out among business VoIP providers because we own our own technology, instead of being built on an open source platform like many others. This means that we have a dedicated team of engineers and software developers who know our system inside and out.

This means much higher quality, and much faster adaptation to any issues that may arise. We are also able to continually deliver new features to meet our customers’ needs.

Insurance Law Advocates couldn’t be happier with their decision to switch to Vocalocity (now Vonage Business Solutions). “I love that there are no problems with the call quality or the system being down for hours at a time. It has made life easier! We have the Follow Me feature and use it every day. It is a great way not to miss calls.”

Travieso’s other favorite features are Virtual Receptionist, Voicemail to Email, and Call Groups.

Travieso’s law firm is also very pleased with the customer support staff at Vonage Business Solutions. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable support team. We ensure that our customer care is up-to-date on all of our VoIP services and features, as well as IP phone technology, so our customers can be sure that they are talking to someone that can effectively assist with any customer issues. Travieso says, “Customer support has been great! They have been able to answer my questions and provide easy solutions. The voice quality on the phones is also great. We’ve had no problems. The other thing I love is that it is simple to add and remove features.

Vonage Business Solutions has provided Insurance Law advocates with the features and reliability they need to operate their law office. While cost savings are important to them, they didn’t want to sacrifice quality. After their switch, they’ve been more than satisfied. Travieso concludes,”I’m a happy Vocalocity [Vonage Business Solutions] customer!