Rapha Family Medicine, PC is a Solo Family Medicine Practice located in Buffalo, New York. They offer complete primary care services to members of the community. They believe that serving their patients is a mission and are focused on disease prevention, as well as optimal chronic disease management with various tools that empower their patients to take control of their health.

Because the practice relies on their phone service for appointment scheduling and follow up, the affordability and versatility of Vonage Business Solutions’service were the major attractions. They already knew about the benefits of VoIP, but because of their major use of the phone system, they needed something that better suited their usage needs.

“We switched from another VoIP company because [Vonage Business Solutions] offers more benefits at a very reasonable price.”

Because healthcare is not a 9-5 industry, and emergencies/last-minute circumstances often arise, the staff at Rapha Family Medicine enjoy Vonage Business Solutions’ various features that help them best serve their patients. “Voicemail forwarding to email provides the ability to keep up with messages in a timely manner.” Additionally, the staff notes that they enjoy the unique functionality of the phone lines/extensions in helping them communicate around the office.

As Rapha Family Medicine is an independent, community-focused business, keeping costs low while delivering unwaveringly reliable services is critical. It made sense that they chose a phone service that delivered the same quality.

“Vocalocity [Vonage Business Solutions] is an affordable way to experience the ongoing 21st century innovations in phone technology.”