Realty Associates RI has a team of professional associates that have the knowledge and track record to serve real estate clients in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union. 90% of the state is within a 30 minute drive, so employees at Realty Associates RI are often on the road. Realty agents need to stay in touch with their clients, and Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity) provides a phone system that can help them do so, whether they are in the office or out.

Realty Associates RI uses a cloud based PBX from Vonage Business Solutions to manage their calling needs. A cloud PBX makes it possible for them to keep agents connected to a central system and company phone number, even if they are out on the road. Vonage’s powerful Call Forwarding feature allows agents to forward their extension to a mobile number whenever they are out of the office. Managing an extension is done from a user friendly web portal, so updates are made easily with the click of a mouse.

Real Estate agencies benefit from big cost savings when they switch to a cloud PBX phone system. There is no phone system equipment to buy or maintain. Vonage Business Solutions doesn’t require its customers to sign long term contracts, and service is month to month. There are also no installation or cancellation fees, so we truly aim to keep our customers happy, as each company’s satisfaction is what keeps them a customer.

Realty Associates RI also gets the benefit of a host of powerful business features, included at no extra cost. Their favorites are Work-From-Anywhere and Voicemail to Email. The Work-From-Anywhere feature is a major benefit of a cloud PBX. Because phone service is delivered via the internet, employees can take their phone home or on the road.

All an agent needs to do is plug his or her phone into an internet connection, and they’ll be connected to the company phone system, no matter where they are. This means they can receive calls at their extension as if they were in the office, or transfer calls to other employees as if they were right down the hall. Voicemail to Email is convenient feature that attaches an MP3 or WAV file of voicemail messages to an email, and deliver is to the email address of your choice.

Many Real Estate Agencies have discovered the benefits of Vonage Business Solutions. Find out how your realty firm can benefit today!