Sapp’s Florists is a family-owned company in Waycross, Georgia that specializes in delivering “Almost Instant Messages” which are packaged inside of fresh, fragrant bouquets of flowers and growing living plants. This is an 80 year old business with fresh ideas. With young innovative leadership, Sapp’s prides itself on delivering a classic, quality product while utilizing innovative technology.

Matt Thompson, President of Sapp’s Florists states, “When Vonage Business Solutions appeared on the scene we were waiting for them. We knew this fresh technology was possible at reasonable prices. As soon as we tested the range of flexible possibilities we were convinced. This was the voice communication juggernaut we were seeking.”

Sapp’s utilizes Vonage Business Solutions’ simple and intuitive web interface to visualize and strategize new parameters of their business. They expect to leverage their voice communication into a national advantage over their competitors.

Matt says, “Call Queue is so easy to set up and operate. It transformed our office from a loud chaotic phone ringing atmosphere into a peaceful, quieter workplace with tripled efficiency.” Sapp’s has set up their Vonage Business Solution system so that when a phone rings from the queue, each incoming line number is tagged.

The salesperson can look at that tag and easily identify whether the buyer has found Sapp’s from the phone book or from the Internet. The callers are then routed to the salesperson with the correct expertise so that in-house transfer calls are minimized. Calls can follow salespeople, allowing them to work around the office without having to stay in one place.

“I’ll never, never go back to an old style telephone system. I like having total control over my telephones.” Matt also notes that he especially enjoys the ease of use, and likes that he can do almost anything he needs to do with his phone system without any training. “When I like something I can’t help talking about it. I like Vonage Business Solutions.”

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