TurboLaw software offers easy-to-use document preparation and time/billing software tailored for attorneys and small law offices. The company’s goal is to help attorneys save time and make their lives easier using the power of software.

Researching VoIP Hosting Services:

TurboLaw Software was moving out of its old offices and needed a new VoIP hosting service that would work similarly to their previous system and offer its staff members the flexibility of working remotely.

Keith Survell, the company’s IT Director, said that they believed an IP telephony system was a natural fit given their flexibility requirements, and they knew that they could also save money at the same time.

As with any small business, controlling costs is important, and because TurboLaw Software’s phone usage can vary from month to month, they were also looking for a provider that gave them flat-rate pricing so they wouldn’t have any surprises with their phone bill. After looking at several different hosted services phone providers, they decided to go with Vocalocity (now Vonage Business Solutions) because of the flat-rate pricing and the flexibility of the company’s voicemail and menu systems.

Success for the Legal Software Company:

“Thanks to Vocalocity [Vonage Business Solutions], we are able to be much more flexible about how we work. We can use our phones from wherever we are, and it is easy for us to change our Virtual Receptionist phone menu to make sure calls are routed to the right person.”

Keith says that of all the features they use, their favorites are the flexible menu system and the ability to use both IP phones as well as softphones with Vocalocity’s (now Vonage Business Solutions) hosted phone service.

“Flexibility is a key requirement for a VoIP system for us, and Vocalocity [Vonage Business Solutions] really nails it. It is so easy for us to make changes to our phone system on-the-fly so we are always in touch, no matter where we are. Vocalocity [Vonage Business Solutions] isn’t just a phone system, it’s a SMART phone system – we love it!”

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