Turner Inn & RV Park serves the Central New Mexico area, off of Hwy 60 and has been in business for over five years. As a small business owner in the hospitality industry, Ruth Turner appreciates value and good service; that’s what she provides, and that’s what she expects out of the services she uses.

Hospitality Phone System Challenges:

Ruth’s main problem was that she couldn’t modify her old phone system on her own. Every time Turner Inn needed to add or remove an extension, a maintenance person had to come out and physically make changes to the system. Because of the seasonal nature of the hospitality industry, changes are often necessary when business is slow. Ruth became fed up with the inconvenience of their old system and started researching new phone systems for her small business.

Her main concerns when looking for a new phone system were the up-front and monthly costs, and the reliability. She was new to VoIP and was anxious about call quality over her DSL connection. Also, because she would be making a significant investment in new IP phones, she didn’t want to get stuck with phones that only worked with one service. If the VoIP service provider she chose didn’t work out, she wanted the ability to change service without having to buy new phones yet again.

Vonage Business Solutions Success:

Of all the phone systems that Ruth looked at with the features she needed, Vocalocity’s pricing was the best. She liked the fact that Vocalocity doesn’t use proprietary phones, so even if she ever does want to switch, phones she purchased through Vocalocity can be used with other VoIP companies.

Ruth’s concern about VoIP call quality over DSL has been completely put to rest. She is very satisfied with the reliability and call quality. She’s also very pleased with the phones she purchased and placed in her motel rooms.

From a financial standpoint, Vocalocity has helped her cut costs because she can easily switch from metered to unlimited extensions during peak seasons with heavy phone usage. With Vocalocity’s call logs she is able to track all the calls made by phone and extension, so that she can charge calls accurately to each room.

Ruth’s favorite features are Caller ID, Never Miss A Call, and Voicemail to Email.

For Ruth, she is most satisfied about the reliability and quality she’s experienced, the price, and that “Customer Support has been awesome.”