Admin Portal

Created just for account managers, the Admin Portal is a dedicated portal that provides the ability to manage your business communications from any computer with an Internet connection.

Some Highlighted Features:

Company Call Recording: If you have the Company Call Recording service, use the Admin Portal to set rules, listen to and share recordings, and organize your recordings. Use your recordings for training and to improve productivity. Only those users with access to rules can listen to, delete or share recordings.

Control International Calls: Use the Admin Portal to control whether or not extensions on your account have the ability to make international calls. You can also change these settings on an extension-by-extension basis, giving your business more call flexibility.

Dashboard Settings: Control what your employees see on the company Dashboard. You have control over settings that allow users to see what extensions are in use, how long they have been in use, and the caller ID of the other party.

Dialing Restrictions:  You can create end users and assign them to particular extensions, allowing your employees to customize their own extension settings. Prefer to keep total control of your phone system? No problem! Access each extension yourself to change features such as Never Miss a Call options and voicemail.

Order New Phones/Features: Need a new phone? Want to add another extension or call group? With the Admin Portal, it’s as easy as a click of a button. Add new features yourself at any time.

Super User and Account Administrators: Want to have total control but also delegate responsibility to some of your employees?  Account Administrators can access billing information, create End Users, and update feature settings so that you can concentrate on running your business.

View Billing Information: View a full breakdown of your monthly service charges, your previous bills and your current billing method. Securely update your credit card on file or add new features. Print previous invoices and keep track of your business spending.

User PortalAn online experience for employees and end-users to access voicemails, change Never Miss a Call settings and more.Find Out More
DashboardBy looking at the Dashboard, any employee with access can instantly see who is on a call or who is available to take a callLearn More