Manage Incoming VoIP Calls with Call Queue

The Call Queue feature allows call centers to manage incoming call volume in an orderly way. The feature queues incoming calls and serves them to agents as they become available. Enjoy the ability to play music, advertising and messages while callers are waiting on hold for the next available representative. Seamlessly integrate with your existing Vocalocity PBX instead of going through a third-party call queuing system.

Call Queue Benefits

Agents and Assignment Strategy

Choose which extensions can log in to and take calls from the queue. Specify whether calls are sent to available agents randomly, based on a tier system, or to those agents who have been off the phone the longest. Tiers may help you handle high call volume by pulling in agents only when the typical agent’s extensions are busy.

Call Queue Voicemail

The Call Queue comes with its own, fully customizable Voicemail box. Allow callers to opt-out of the queue and leave a message. Record or upload a specific Call Queue greeting, and keep track of order requests, reservations and more.

Caller Opt-Out Handling

If your business experiences high call volumes, you may allow callers to opt-out of the queue by pressing any key. Choose what happens to these calls, sending them to voicemail or to another extension, voicemail or feature on your account, and make sure that you get a chance to connect with each caller.

Hold Music

The Call Queue allows you to customize hold music specifically for those waiting in the queue. This Hold Music is separate than the rest of your account, and can be adapted to the Call Queue’s purpose.

No Agents Available?

Specify what happens when there are no agents logged in to the Call Queue to take calls. Callers that reach the queue can either be transferred to another extension, leave a message in a voicemail box, or hear a greeting before the call is disconnected. Make sure that each call is handled appropriately, even if no agents are logged in.

Pause Between Calls

Depending on your business, employees may need time to take notes, close cases, or process requests in between calls. Change the Pause Between Calls to give agents more or less time between hanging up the phone and receiving a new queue call.

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