The Click-to-Dial feature is a seamless way for Vonage Business Solutions users to integrate their web browser and Microsoft® Outlook client with their phone system. Vonage users can initiate calls with a simple click of the mouse on any web page or Outlook contact using their Windows-based PC.


  • Make phone calls with just a click of the mouse
  • Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Outlook
  • Quick installation

How Do I Get Click to Dial?

This feature is free for all Vonage customers and is ready to configure in moments.

  • With your browser open, click the settings icon.
  • Next, click “Internet Options.”
  • In the settings window, click the “Advanced” tab.
  • Make sure that the “Enable third-party extensions” box is checked.
  • Click the “Download Click to Dial” button to the left.

Please Note: Using Click-to-Dial with Internet Explorer requires some adjustments to your browser’s settings. Open the User Guide for more details.