VoIP Software: Dashboard

The Dashboard is a feature that allows managers and coworkers to see the real time status of all extensions in their PBX. The dashboard allows Administrators to create customizable views that restrict visibility for users. We’ve modeled the dashboard after popular, user-friendly instant message applications, making it very intuitive and easy to use. Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity) includes the dashboard feature with every extension.


Usage in Your Phone System

By looking at the Dashboard, any employee with access can instantly see who is on a call or who is available to take a call. You can see what number they are on a call with, and what the duration of the call is as well. You can easily click on any available extension in order to call a coworker directly from the Dashboard, which will connect each of your extensions.

The Dashboard is particularly convenient for receptionists, or those in charge of routing incoming calls. The Dashboard makes it easy to manage call distribution and transfers at a glance, and is popular with businesses that have this type of company setup.

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