With the Bing search plugin, results about your caller instantly pop up on your screen, so you can easily verify business addresses, view professional portfolios, or read news about the person who’s on the other end of the line.

It’s really that simple – every Vonage Business Solutions customer has access to the free Desktop application that comes pre-loaded with this helpful search engine plugin.

Simply install the Desktop, sign in and choose Bing as your default plugin. Now, whenever you receive or make a call, information about your caller including location results from Bing Local will instantly show up on your screen.

Automatically Connecting You to the Correct Search Results

Businesses rely on Bing for venue maps, directions, news and search results about their prospects and current customers. Now, with every outgoing or incoming call, the Desktop’s Bing search engine plugin will do all of the searching for you, so you can better focus on the call with your client.

How Do I Download the Bing Plugin?

Great news: The Bing plugin is available for all Vonage customers and is completely FREE. Just log in to your Desktop, select “Plugins” and click “Install” next to your Bing plugin. Learn more on how to install, configure and use the plugin by visiting the Knowledge Article for Bing.

More Information

To learn more about Desktop, visit the Desktop product page.