As soon as you make or receive a call, the Vonage Business Desktop’s LinkedIn plugin will use your caller’s name via caller ID to display his or her LinkedIn profile. You’ll be able to accurately collect your contacts’ professional titles, job history, position in the company and references. See who you know in common, view professional portfolios, and make new connections. How often have you meant to connect on LinkedIn during a business call, but forgot as soon as you hung up the phone? The Desktop also stores your call history so you can quickly revisit your call logs to send that network request when it’s most convenient for you.

How Do I Download the LinkedIn Plugin?

Downloading the LinkedIn plugin is easy, and it’s completely FREE for all Vonage Business Solutions customers. Just log in to the Desktop, select “Plugins” and click “Install” next to your LinkedIn plugin. For more information on how to install, configure and use the plugin visit the Knowledge Article for LinkedIn.

More Information

To learn more about the Vonage Business Desktop, visit the Desktop product page.