Vonage Business Solutions’ (formerly Vocalocity) Desktop displays your caller’s details in Outlook as soon as your phone rings. View a contact, add his or her information, write a journal entry about what you discussed, or search for older journals about your transactions – impress your clients with how you never miss a detail!

Your Business Email – Supercharged with Desktop

The Microsoft Outlook plugin for the Desktop allows you to connect your extension’s calls with your Outlook contacts. Track your phone calls in your journal, add notes, and confirm contact information before you even pick up the phone. It takes the business-class mail client that you already know and use and makes it even better.

How Do I Get the Outlook Plugin?

Using the Outlook plugin first requires you have the Desktop application installed. If you do not already have the program installed, visit the Desktop page to download and install the application. Then, call 855-367-4322 to have Vonage Business Solutions Support configure your account to work with Outlook. For more information on how to install, configure and use the plugin visit the Knowledge Article for Outlook.

More Information

To learn more about Desktop, visit the Desktop product page.