The Web Launcher plugin for Desktop allows you to connect your extension’s calls to your favorite web sites through a unique URL setup. Do you have a particular web-based CRM? Or would you like to connect the Desktop to your favorite social media sites? The Web Launcher plugin can do just that.

Open Any Webpage with Incoming or Outgoing Calls

Easily integrate the Desktop with your preferred cloud-based solution. It’s just one more way that your business VoIP phone system works harder for you.

  • Open a web page when a call comes in
  • Easily integrate with your favorite website or cloud solution
  • Help employees link phone conversations with important information

Web Launcher is easy to set up and customize – just log into the Desktop, set the Web Launcher as your default plugin, edit the settings to open whatever URL you want, and apply your changes! The next time your phone rings, your website of choice will open so you can work faster and more efficiently.

Who Uses Web Launcher?

Do you use a cloud-based software solution or CRM tool, are you researching prospects or clients, or just using your preferred search engine to find information about callers? Then Web Launcher is for you.

  • Insurance agents launch open up eAgent, a cloud-based customer management system to better serve callers
  • Realtors launch the MLS
  • Stock brokers launch their preferred trading website
  • Distribution centers launch UPS or FedEx
  • Sales professionals launch Twitter or Facebook to get personal information on their callers

How Do I Download Web Launcher?

The Web Launcher plugin is available FREE for all Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity) customers. To download, simply log in to your Desktop, select “Plugins” and click “Install” next to your Web Launcher plugin. Learn more on how to install, configure and use the plugin by visiting the Knowledge Article for Web Launcher.

More Information

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