Vonage Business Solutions’ free Dynamic Caller ID feature gives you the ability to present any phone number on your account as your outbound caller ID.

Whether you are calling a particular region of the country or calling from an alternate department within your organization, Dynamic Caller ID empowers you to present a specific presence to your customer without the need for additional phone lines.

Setup is easy. Simply assign a “caller ID code” to the phone number you would like to present within your Admin Portal. Then, when you make a call to your customer, just dial the caller ID code + ** + phone number, and the appropriate caller ID will be displayed.

End-users can also manually set an extension’s outbound caller ID to any number on the account (when granted permission by a account super user or administrator.) This is ideal for when you want to establish a local presence by using a geotargeted phone number for your outbound calls.

Benefits of Dynamic Caller ID:

  • Perfect Caller ID – Present the caller ID that’s appropriate for the call
  • Easy – Simply dial the code before the call
  • No Extra Lines – Traditionally you would have to purchase additional phone lines for similar capability
  • Free – This feature is included with your service