Dynamic Caller ID – Free VoIP Feature

Vonage Business Solutions’ (formerly Vocalocity) Dynamic Caller ID feature gives you the ability to present any phone number on your account as your outbound caller ID.

Whether you are calling a particular region of the country or calling from an alternate department within your organization, Dynamic Caller ID empowers you to present a specific presence to your customer without the need for additional phone lines.

Setup is easy. Simply assign a “caller ID code” to the phone number you would like to present within your Admin Portal. Then, when you make a call to your customer, just dial the caller ID code + ** + phone number, and the appropriate caller ID will be displayed.

End-users can also manually set an extension’s outbound caller ID to any number on the account (when granted permission by a account super user or administrator.) This is ideal for when you want to establish a local presence by using a geotargeted phone number for your outbound calls.

Benefits of Dynamic Caller ID:

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