Number Portability – Cloud PBX Features

If a business has worked hard to promote itself, and has advertised its phone number, suddenly switching to a different business number can be a costly proposition. That’s why Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity) offers number porting, so that you don’t have to lose business in order to get a better phone service provider.

We’ll Take Care of Porting for You

Simply put, Number Porting means transferring a phone number from one telecommunications service provider to another. It is a legal process that requires a letter of authorization from your business and a copy of your phone bill to establish authenticity. Therefore to port a number, you must be the owner of that number, and it must be in active standing with another service provider.

Our porting department is dedicated to ensuring that porting numbers from other telecommunications providers is a smooth and seamless process, so that your business can continue as usual.

Keep Your Number and Your Reputation

As a small business, you’ve worked hard to build up a reputation and have advertised your business number. In most cases Vonage can port phone numbers, and can do so in about 20 business days.

There are many reasons to switch to Vonage’s award-winning business VoIP service. We offer affordable flat rate unlimited calling, with no contracts and a full suite of included business features. Don’t let the fear or losing your existing clients hold you back – with Number Porting you can keep your business numbers and continue doing business as usual, but with better phone service.

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