front-page-bkgrd2A VoIP App for iPhone® and Android.® The convenient Vonage Business Mobile application helps you take the efficiency and flexibility of your business phone system on the road.

Do you need to be able to access the full functionality of your business phone from anywhere? Now you can. With Vonage’s powerful virtual office tool, you can conduct business from anywhere, update personal settings, and stay connected without missing a call.

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Mobile Apps with Powerful Features Help You Stay Connected

Never Miss a Call
Update your Never Miss A Call settings on the go. Automatically send calls to Voicemail, enable Call Forwarding on your preferred phone, set up Follow Me, enable Simultaneous Ring, or choose Do Not Disturb.

Check your company voicemail from anywhere. Vonage’s Voicemail Transcription Service is also included, so you can also read your voicemail like emails.*

VoIP Calls
Use your mobile phone like a softphone and make a call on the go. You have the option to choose WiFi or 3G/4G when using the Softphone.

Caller ID
When making an outbound call, Caller ID will make it appear as though you’re calling from your Vonage phone in the office.

Update your account settings, your account profile and manage your devices.

Call Log
Check your extension’s Call Logs from anywhere. Review your calls and return them with a single touch.

Tap to call anyone on your Vonage phone system. The Directory also acts as your Dashboard, allowing you to see who is on a call, or check the status of your Call Queue.

*Requires purchase of Vonage’s Voicemail Transcription Service.