Vonage Business Solutions regularly announces new product launches and updates for our customers – stay tuned to this page for the VoIP phone service updates and enhancements!

Mobile App

Our FREE mobile application that works for iPhone and Android devices. With this helpful app, you can check voicemails from your phone, make calls that appear as though you’re calling from your desk, check in to see which employees are on the phone, change Never Miss a Call settings, view account settings, and more! Downloading the app is easy – just visit the product page to start using the app today!

Call Screening

Have you ever wished you could have better insight into who is calling? Our new Call Screening feature is FREE with every Vonage account, and can be configured by the user through the online user interface. Now, you can have callers’ names announced to you before the call is connected – giving you the option to either answer the call, send the call straight to voicemail, or transfer the call – all without ever actually connecting. It’s a great way to increase productivity and stay on task.

2-6 Digit Extension Dialing

Just another great way to customize your phone system – you can now choose extensions between two and six digits! Great for expanding businesses, making your company look larger than it is, or just saving time. *411, 711, and 911 not allowed.