Work Anywhere - VoIP Business Phone System

Vonage Business Solutions’ Business VoIP Phone System Supports Teleworking

At Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity), we provide small to mid-sized businesses with the tools to help employees telecommute and telework, and we enable managers to measure productivity and efficiency. In fact, many Vonage staff members use our business VoIP phone system to work from home.  In fact, we won a 2011 Clean Air Campaign award for our own successful teleworking initiative.

Good for You, Good for the Company, Good for the Environment
Vonage’s cloud-based voice systems support teleworking / telecommuting, which benefits businesses, their employees and the environment.

Some Features that Support Teleworking Include:

Increased Productivity

With your business VoIP phone system, you can plug your phone in and work anywhere there’s an Internet connection. You can be placing calls during the time you’re normally navigating traffic, which means you’ll have more time to work on important projects.

Employee Retention

Studies show that employees are happier when they have a work-life balance, and that teleworking improves job satisfaction which can lead to higher employee retention.

Improved Health

In addition to environmental benefits and improved air quality, employees’ health improves and physical and emotional stress reduces as they spend less time in a car.

Complete Accessibility

If bad weather, transit strikes, or missed flights have ever kept you or your employees from working, our business VoIP phone system can ensure that your business stays on track – no matter what.