Free VoIP Calls with Toll Free Numbers

Businesses can provide a more professional presence with a toll free number from Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity). Toll free numbers indicate to your customers that your company has their interests at heart. With a toll free number, you only pay a low monthly flat rate for all the long distance calls to your number.

If your company already has an 800 number and you would like to keep it and switch to Vonage service, many numbers can be transferred. Call 1-877-862-2562 to find out if we can help you port your current number.

Is a Toll Free Number Best for Business?

Today, even very small businesses and sole proprietorships can afford to provide the convenience of toll free calling, and appear much more professional at a very reasonable cost.

With Vonage’s business VoIP, your company won’t get charged long distance fees, as all calls placed within the U.S. are one low monthly flat rate.

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