What is a Hosted PBX and How Does it Help Me Work Anywhere?

Cloud phone service allows you and your employees to work from anywhere with clear, reliable connectivity.

With our Work From Anywhere feature, employees can stay connected no matter where they are with hosted PBX technology. So, what is hosted PBX?

Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity) phone service is delivered over the Internet, and IP phone connections are registered by an IP (Internet Protocol) address, rather than a physical phone jack in the wall. This means that the IP phone will register correctly regardless of what Internet connection it’s plugged into. Employees can take their IP phones home or on the road with them, and make and receive calls as if they were in the office.

With hosted PBX, you’re able to take your phone home, transfer calls to your cell phone, set up your extension to ring multiple phones at the same time. We even have a related feature, our Mobile App for iPhone and Android, that lets you control all of these features directly from your mobile device.

What is a Hosted PBX’s Capability to Help Me Stay Connected?

For employees who don’t want to take their desk phone with them, our Call Forwarding and Never Miss a Call features enhance the Work from Anywhere flexibility. From Vonage’s Online Portal, it’s easy to forward an extension to a mobile number.

Business calls to a company extension can be forwarded to a cellphone seamlessly, and still retain the phone system functionality. This means that our hosted PBX service transfers calls that can go to company voicemail, or another extension within the company.

Who Uses Work from Anywhere?

Many businesses can benefit from the Work From Anywhere feature. Real estate agencies, insurance agencies, and construction firms have expressed that this feature is particularly valuable to the way they do business. Employees can easily work from home or on the road, with no interruption in their communication with clients and colleagues.

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