Partnerships for Communication Providers

Small to mid-sized businesses increasingly demand Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions from their communication providers. The scalability and cost effectiveness of VoIP telephony services supports SMB’s ever-evolving business needs. Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity) offers a cloud-based, hosted solution that allows any communication provider to easily begin offering their own VoIP solution and capitalize on the exploding demand for these services in the SMB market. As a communication provider partnered with Vonage, you have the opportunity to increase your revenue and margins without the significant capital expenditures, long implementation cycles, and customer dissatisfaction issues so often tied to VoIP solutions built on complex, expensive application platforms.

Benefits for Wholesale Partners

Implementation Types

As a partner, you create a VoIP offering that aligns with your business model.

Most Complete Solution

Vonage’s VoIP platform provides an end-to-end solution that ensures our wholesale partners offer all the best business VoIP calling features, along with CRM integration, mobile applications and web-based interface options.

Proven Methodology to Help Ensure Your Success

Vonage for Communication Provider’s implementation methodology encompasses three critical phases to help ensure any model a provider chooses is implemented quickly and successfully. From discovery in phase 1 to enhance and expand in phase 3, Vonage fully supports its end-to-end solution to provide partners with every advantage in delivering robust VoIP solutions to their SMB customers.

To find out more about Vonage’s Wholesale Partner program call 1-877-390-5606, or submit the simple form on the left-hand side of this page.