The Cisco 502G VoIP Phone

The Cisco 502G is a great choice for business professionals looking for an affordable and feature-rich IP phone solution. The 502G is a full-featured one-line business-class IP phone that supports Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Once provisioned with Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity) service, just plug the 502G into any Internet connection to be connected to your Vonage hosted PBX account in minutes.

Cisco 502G: A Handset Phone for Growing Businesses

The Cisco 502G addresses the requirements of most traditional businesses with hundreds of features and configurable service parameters.

The Cisco 502G one line IP phone also supports productivity-enhancing features such as VoiceView Express and Cisco XML applications when used with Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series in SPCP mode.

The SIP based Cisco 502G IP Phone is part of the Cisco Small Business Pro Series and has been tested to ensure interoperability with Vonage’s hosted PBX service. ┬áIts remote provisioning capabilities allow for firmware updates for compatibility with all Vonage service upgrades and feature rollouts.

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