The SoundPoint IP 450 is an enterprise-grade phone that suits phone users with moderate to heavy call volumes. It is an ideal addition to a VoIP phone system for any sized office and delivers full functionality for a business or home office. This IP phone features a backlit multi-level grayscale 256 x 116 pixel LCD display for clear and easy-to-use menu navigation.

The phone is highly functional and can be manipulated through a combination of 17 dedicated hard keys and four content-sensitive soft keys.

  • Full duplex speakerphone
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Handsets and headsets both available

Build your VoIP Phone System with Polycom

The Polycom 450 is a more substantial financial investment than some of the other phones Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity) offers, but when you hear the difference in voice clarity you’ll know your money was well spent. Making an upfront investment in a high quality Polycom could save you money and time down the line by speeding up efficiency and improving the quality of your office in conjunction with your VoIP phone system.

Like all of our phones, the Polycom Soundpoint IP 450 business VoIP phone is plug-and-play and can be taken anywhere. Enjoy the versatility of the Polycom Soundpoint IP 450 and start with a VoIP system today! Call 1-877-862-2562 to learn more.