Polycom VVX 300

A resourceful tool in unified communications, the Polycom VVX 300 provides clear voice and increased efficiency. It is a media phone that includes an easy to use interface that can improve productivity and call time. It also displays personalized information easily seen and accessed on the 9-level backlit greyscale screen. This Internet phone also allows for seamless integration with other IT investments within your business. Among these features just mentioned there are a myriad of others, including:

Increase unified communications and productivity with the Polycom VVX 300 IP Phone

The integration of united communications and web based APIs is what sets this Internet phone apart from the rest. The platform is open, allowing full web browsing and third-party applications. With the web-based applications built into the Polycom VVX 300 used in conjunction with Vonage Business Solutions’ (formerly Vocalocity) VoIP service, using this business phone system can speed-up time spent on calls.

The Polycom VVX 300 is plug-and-play and can be brought anywhere. To get your businesses connected with a great IP phone and excellent VoIP service. contact Vonage at 1-877-862-2562.

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