Panasonic TPA 50

(requires Panasonic TGP 550 Base Station)

The Panasonic TPA 50 cordless handset can be added on to your Panasonic TGP550 base station for expanded cordless capability. The TPA 50 cordless handset is powerful enough for business use, and features a large 2.1” display screen for navigating the phone’s many functions. The TPA 50 is great for adding a cordless phone to the back room, or as an accessory for employees who need to move around the office or through a warehouse or distribution center.

Who Uses the TPA 50 Cordless Handset?

Businesses with large interior spaces are particularly well suited for the flexibility of the TPA 50 cordless handset. Restaurants employ the TPA50 for hosts and hostesses. The TPA50 can be a tremendous time saver for warehouses and distribution center employees who stay on the phone as they check inventory.

Retailers that are on the floor of their retail space can keep the cordless handset with them as they move around their store, but can remain connected to their main business line at all times.

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