Like many businesses today, you likely have a varied and dynamic workforce that can place high demands on your phone infrastructure. With Virtual Extensions from Vonage Business Solutions, you can ensure your employees never miss a call and are always in touch, no matter where they’re based. A virtual PBX extension connects your employees to a business phone number via their cell phones. Virtual Extensions come with its own dedicated Direct Dial number that is then forwarded to the mobile phone so employees can be reached from anywhere, at any time.

With a Virtual Phone System:

  • You can seamlessly integrate all types of cell phones from any cell service provider into your business VoIP system.
  • Inbound calls are unlimited, all for a very reasonable cost per month.
  • Access voicemail, should an employee choose not to forward his or her extension.
  • Make calls to the main business number that are seamlessly routed to cell phones through extension dialing. This is ideal for agents that are often out of the office.
  • Enjoy a Direct Dial phone number and Cell Phone Integration. You can also choose to forward your virtual PBX extension to another VoIP number, answering service, or landline.

*Minimum order requirement is one unlimited extension and one company number.