We want to ensure you’re empowered with all the information you need to make the right choice on business phone system. We’re pleased to provide our customers with our VoIP education center, a resource for VoIP articles and business phone system articles. Read on to learn about topics we’ve addressed based on our customer’s questions. You’ll learn about hosted PBX, VoIP service, what “the cloud” is and why hosted phone service makes sense if you’re trying to cut costs.

VoIP Academy

Learn the basics of VoIP, PBX and cloud-hosted business phone solutions.

The Selection Process

How to select the right solution for your business.

Business-Boosting Features

Find out more about mission-critical VoIP features that help you do more.

Benefits and ROI

Discover the advantages that come with moving to the cloud.

Savings and the Bottom Line

Read how making the switch can help you save.

Why Vonage Business Solutions?

Find out more about the Vonage Cloud and what it can do for you.


Learn how cloud-hosted business VoIP Service can help you think outside the office.

Tech Talk

More information on installation and compatibility.