How to Track ROI with Your Business Phone System

Are you using your business phone system for more than just making and receiving phone calls? Did you know that the reporting and analytics tools you get with VoIP service can actually help you measure call volumes, report on call times and even gauge the efficacy of marketing programs?

Here are some examples of how Vonage Business Solutions’ (formerly Vocalocity) customers use the features in the Admin Portal to track ROI with their VoIP phone system.

View Individual Call Times

With the User Summary in the Admin Portal, authorized account holders can actually look into an individual extension’s talk time from a customizable time period. You can view the amount of total calls, inbound calls, outbound calls and intra-PBX calls between departments.

By exporting this data to a spreadsheet, your business phone system can actually help you research the amount of time spent on a call. This feature is great for measuring employee improvements or making assessments about training impacts.

Track Marketing Calls

Within the Admin Portal, you can view call statistics for Call Groups and Call Queues. Let’s say that you’re an e-commerce company who uses a geo-targeted number for your new market in Phoenix, Arizona. You want to measure the results of the marketing campaign by looking into the number of inbound calls that came into your Sales call queue via this number.

By exporting your data for your Sales queue, you can open a spreadsheet and filter to search for the full number or extension of your custom marketing phone number. If only thirteen calls came in over a full month, this data might help you decide to discontinue a local campaign, or it might influence your decision to move resources to another geographic market.

Company Summary

Let’s say that you decided to move to a VoIP business phone system to integrate with CRM plugins to cut down on call time. Your service departments have been flooded with installation requests, and you’re hoping that your new phone system has made an improvement to the customer experience. By using the Company Summary function in the Admin Portal, you can export all data or just the “Average Talk Time” column to a speadsheet to measure month over month trends.

It’s a great way to measure the results of training programs and it also gives you insights into how your team is performing to either reward your team or reinvest in policies and procedures.

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