A digital business phone system is a necessary part of any functional company. Not only is this system essential for communications among employees, but it is also vital for customers looking to contact your company. Unfortunately, traditional business telephone systems have gotten a bad rap because of how difficult they are to set up and use.

Fortunately, Vonage Business Solutions offers a hosted digital business phone system that is a significantly easier and more affordable alternative to traditional set-ups, and with VoIP technology, a helpful user dashboard and lots of apps, using and customizing your phone system has never been easier.

Digital Business Phone Systems: Breath of Fresh Air

A traditional business phone system normally requires lots of equipment to be able to function properly. This can be very costly because businesses must pay to lease the equipment, and store it somewhere on their property. And any time a company needs to expand their phone system, they must rent out additional equipment to cover their needs. Although this type of business telephone system may be appropriate for larger corporations, few smaller businesses can afford this approach. A digital business phone system offered by Vonage harnesses the power of the Internet to create a simple, yet effective, communication system. Instead of using a traditional land line, a digital business telephone system places the call over the Internet.

The only equipment required for this set-up (other than an IP phone, of course) is a reliable Internet connection, which is a staple at most businesses. The rest of the equipment needed for Vonage’s digital business phone system is housed by Vonage. Not only does this mean that the customer does not need to worry about the equipment, but it also helps business owners by allowing them to rest assured that Vonage is responsible for handling any necessary system upgrades. Set up for Vonage’s system is also significantly easier than it would be with another business telephone system. A digital business phone system can be installed almost immediately, and by simply placing a phone call to Vonage, a customer can be well on his or her way to receiving a high-quality phone system.

Customizing a Digital Business Phone System

Many business owners are reasonably worried about making the switch to VoIP, or changing providers because they don’t know how easy the system will be to use in the long run. Vonage has made it incredibly easy for customers with a business VoIP phone system to actually use the system to its full ability. A comprehensive online portal, the Dashboard, loads of free features, powerful optional add-on features, comprehensive customer support, and a growing list of product enhancements and applications means that when you select Vonage, you’re getting the most powerful system for your money.

We’re all about making your phone work harder for you – change your settings within the Dashboard, use a mobile app to edit your Never Miss a Call settings no matter where you are, set up Follow Me permissions for when you’re out of the office, build a custom auto attendant to make it look like your office is much bigger than it really is – all within minutes.

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