Getting the Most out of Your Small Business Phone Service

Most customers choose Vonage Business Solutions’ (formerly Vocalocity) business phone service for a combination of low prices, business-class features and anywhere access with 24/7 customer support. But many customers don’t even know about all of the different tools that are available to them – for free - with every account.

Below are some of the great features and functions of Vonage’s hosted PBX system that help you make the most out of your phone service.

Vonage Business Solutions’ Mobile App

This free app for iPhone and Android devices allows you to make calls to appear as though you’re calling from your desk. You can also check voicemail, change voice messages, enable your Do Not Disturb settings and view your company’s entire directory.

Reporting and Analytics

Covered more in our “How to Track ROI with Your Business Phone System” article, the reporting and analytics functions within the Admin Panel allow authorized account holders or administrators to view detailed information about every aspect of their phone system. You can view average talk times, download reports about individual extensions or even look at the statistics for an entire call group or call queue.

Vonage Business Solutions’ Desktop Application

To better sync our small business phone service with the services and applications that our customers use, we developed the free Desktop app. With free web search, Web Launcher, LinkedIn, Caller Location / Weather / Time and Google Contacts plugins, all users can get instant access to the information they need with each incoming or outgoing phone call. And for more advanced users who use a CRM, you can configure a monthly add-on to automatically display each time you get a call. It’s a fast and easy to way to take notes and record transactional records and helps to streamline your organization.

Plug and Play Functionality

Vonage’s supported IP phones can be used at your office, or at your house with an Ethernet jack. They’re easy to take on vacation to plug in at a beach house or cabin, and you can even use them from your hotel room if you’re out of town for a conference. If you don’t want to carry around a phone with you, consider the mobile app, or download a free softphone so you can make VoIP calls directly from your laptop while you travel.

Do you want more information about how Vonage’s small business phone service can help power your business? Get a free quote today, and ask a helpful VoIP representative about making the most out of your hosted system!

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