Shopping for Small Business Telephone Service?

If you’re shopping for small business telephone service, it’s a good idea to think about a few key factors before jumping into a contract. Many businesses choose a telephone service based on monthly cost alone, but as technology expands to accommodate more features than ever before, it’s more important to choose a provider who can grow with you while keeping costs down.


First, consider where your business is and where it has been. Maybe you’ve expanded by 25% over the last three years. Do you project that your company will see growth or are your future quarters projected to be fairly flat? What about two years down the line – do you have plans to open regional offices or maybe support remote workers in new markets? With many traditional “big box” phone service providers, you’ll be required to agree to a contract, which often restricts your ability to change for up to two years. The small business telephone service should scale to support you as you grow – either into a more robust small business or into the medium-sized space.

Up-Front Cost

Many businesses find themselves choosing between expanding their legacy, on-premise phone systems or switching entirely to a hosted model. At Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity), we’ve worked with customers who have been quoted more than $25,000 by the other guys to outfit their aging office with a bulky, on-premise solution. When we talk to them, they’re shocked to hear that by switching to our hosted service, the only equipment they often need to purchase is a series of IP phones, a router and perhaps an upgrade to a compatible Internet connection.

It’s good to be wary about small business telephone service that sounds too good to be true – cheap service often comes with cheap support, and a big name often comes with a big price tag but the same features that you can find for less. Vonage is a reasonable mid-range solution that does require some up-front investment to equip an office with business-class phones and infrastructure, but the long-term costs are far less than required by on-premise or analog providers.


As a small business, you didn’t get to where you are today because you spent the majority of the workday troubleshooting technical issues (unless you happen to run an IT support business, in which case … congratulations!).  SMBs are successful because of their talents within their field, which is why it’s important to think about how much time your small business system will demand of you as you’re trying to operate your office.

Customers like 123 EDI actually switched to Vonage from their own, proprietary small business telephone service because the cost benefit worked out better for them. Their technicians and engineers were better able to deliver quality solutions to their customers while Vonage provided hands-free service and support. With an easy-to-use online Admin Portal, their president can make changes to the phone system at any time of the day without taking time away from his regular duties.

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