Voice Over IP Phone System: Phones of the Future

If you were born before the invention of cell phones, then it’s likely you remember the high price tag of long-distance calling and the unpredictability of a traditional phone bill. These days, land lines are becoming increasingly sparse, and cell phones have certainly made long-distance calling much more cost-efficient. Unfortunately, conducting business calls over a cellphone while you’re at the office can restrict calling functionality. Thankfully, voice over IP phone systems, or VoIP, is changing the way we view “land lines” and business communication.

What is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a process whereby analog audio signals are converted into digital data that is sent out via the Internet. At Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity), our voice over IP phone system utilizes your connection to the Internet and allows you to make phone calls from a desk phone, just as you normally would. The difference is you don’t have to pay high long distance calling fees. What’s more, our VoIP software is continually updated and improved to ensure you get the best service and connection possible.

We get excited about our voice over IP phone systems. Why? Because our innovative technology has the capacity to revise all small business phone systems around the globe as we know them. It’s that groundbreaking. Vonage is constantly improving our service offering, and using improvements in technology to further unify your communications. Vonage’s new Desktop feature allows you to instantly see information about a caller collected from the Internet when your phone starts ringing.

The standard phone system served its purpose years ago, but with the introduction of the voice over IP phone system, it’s likely that land lines will eventually be weeded out. Some of the advantages of a VoIP phone include the following:

Small businesses can get big benefits Voice Over IP phone systems. Flat rate Unlimited Calling should be enticing enough, but included with every Unlimited Extension plan is a host of powerful business features.