If you’re a business owner, you understand the importance of a dependable phone system. It is critical that your clients/customers can contact you without difficulty, and that your staff members can correspond with each other. Vonage Business Solutions’ VoIP PBX phone system, sometimes called a VoIP PABX, is an inexpensive and reliable business phone system. What’s more, we cater only to small businesses, so you don’t have to compete for our attention and support – we’re here for you 24-7.

VoIP PBX (or VoIP PABX) stands for Voice over Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. Simply put, it is a phone system that connects several extensions and phone lines together, and does so by using the Internet.

Traditionally, a PBX or PABX was a physical unit that was housed within a company’s brick and mortar location. Calls placed into the company were then routed to the correct extension through the physical hardware of the PBX.

Today, not only can all the functionality of the PBX be done digitally, it can be done remotely. A VoIP PBX delivers all the functionality of an in house switchboard, but with many more features, and at a fraction of the cost.

Features on our VoIP PBX systems (or VoIP PABX) are extensive and include call transfers, call holding, call waiting, three-way calling, voice mail, conference calling and much more. While traditional land lines charge customers for these added features, all of these features come standard with our flat rate unlimited calling plans.

At Vonage, we understand that small businesses are on a budget, especially in today’s economy. While you may not be able to fork out money for fancy offices or expensive furniture, you can still benefit from a phone system that rivals those of Fortune 500 companies. Our VoIP PBX systems (or VoIP PABX) provide the same advantages as ones for larger corporations, only we make them affordable for your small business.

Vonage owns its technology, so when we encounter technological difficulties (which is rare), we take care of them immediately. There’s no waiting around for other experts to fix the issues; we are the experts.

Want to learn more about Vonage Business Solutions’ VoIP PBX (or VoIP PABX) phone services? Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to give you more information. Start saving now!

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