Why Choose Vonage Business Solutions' VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems have been around for the past decade, ever since high speed broadband Internet connections became commonplace. As bandwidth and technology have improved, VoIP phone systems have become virtually indistinguishable from traditional phone systems, except in the vast improvements in pricing and features. Many businesses across the country are discovering the benefits of subscribing to a hosted VoIP phone system, and greatly reducing their communications costs.

Everything You Need to Know About Vonage Business Solutions

Vonage’s primary focus has always been the small business. Many VoIP companies spread their resources thin by catering to residential customers and large corporations. At Vonage we are devoted only to helping small business customers grow. For smaller companies that are in need of an affordable VoIP phone system, Vonage’s team members provide impeccable solutions. Our primary focus is on small businesses with less than 50 employees It is our mission to provide businesses with hassle-free VoIP phone systems.

Because we own our own technology, we have experts on hand to solve any and every technical issue, and constantly come out with new features and upgrades. Many VoIP phone systems are built on open source technology developed by third-party developers. But at Vonage our system was developed in-house, so our engineers know our system backwards and forwards.

Vonage’s VoIP Phone Systems

Vonage offers unlimited flat rate calling for normal to heavy callers who want all the features of a sophisticated business phone system, and metered extensions for phones that don’t get as much usage. With every Unlimited Extension plan comes a suite of powerful business features, in addition to unlimited calling for a low monthly flat rate.

Standard on every Vonage account is Voicemail to Email, Virtual Receptionist, Call Forwarding, Find-Me Follow-Me, Call Waiting, On Hold Music, Call Logs, and much more. VoIP Phone Systems deliver all these features as a standard part of service, and all features are delivered seamlessly over your broadband connection. There is no equipment to buy or maintain, we do all the work for you.

Why VoIP Phone Systems Are So Beneficial

Vonage’s service is delivered over the Internet, with no system equipment to buy other than the desk phones. All the features of your phone system are updated and maintained online, and there’s never any need for maintenance people or physical upgrades. Since all the functionality and service are delivered over the internet, your phones will work from virtually anywhere there is a broadband connection.

This means that not only will you get business grade phone service while in the office, but at home too, or across the country. All the extensions on your account will still be tied together on the same system, no matter what their physical location is. The ability to work from anywhere has huge benefits for businesses with employees working from home, remote locations, or on the road.