Comparing Business VoIP Phone Service Providers

Not all business VoIP phone service providers are alike – so what makes Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity) the preferred solution for over 28,000 businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada? If you’ve been comparing VoIP companies and are confused about who’s the best for your business, these four major differentiators should give you more of an idea why Vonage is the best provider for small and mid-sized businesses.

Residential vs. Business: First of all, Vonage Business Solutions only provides service for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). We decided early on that we wanted to focus our business model on helping SMBs grow, which is why we target our offerings to business-class services. This doesn’t mean that if you work from a home office that we won’t work with you – we will! We just partner with offices and organizations to make sure that we’re focused on delivering the best commercial services for retail, restaurants, offices, NPOs, warehouses, distribution centers, call centers … you name it.

Service: Vonage Business Solutions started from an office in midtown Atlanta and we’ve grown so rapidly that we’ve had to expand … to a larger office building  just a mile away. We pride ourselves on providing an in-depth knowledge base site so customers can immediately find answers to questions about setup or adding features. Our customer care team is well versed not only in our products, but also in VoIP technology and is available if customers need support.

Innovation: Part of the reason that Vonage consistently rolls out new included features and add-ons is because of our in-house engineering team and also because of our proprietary technology. We built the system that we use to provide your VoIP service – providers in our space mostly rely on open-source or leased technology which either limits or slows down their ability to create customized plugins and features.

No Contracts: We don’t require our customers to sign a restrictive contract. We want them to stay with us based on their satisfaction with our service. Thousands of customers have been with us for years because of our ability to allow them to telecommute, use analytics and reporting tools to measure call data, customize their system with Virtual Receptionists and Call Queues and much more. And if you need to make a change to your phone system or service? We don’t penalize you for breaking a contract, because there is no contract to break. We believe in being a resource to help grow your business – not hold you back.

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